5 Self-Care Tips for Vendors

November 15, 2019

Hi, boss! After one year strong, vending with Shine In All Shades, I’ve learned how being an entrepreneur is rewarding and rigorous. Here are 5 Self-Care Tips for Vendors I’ve found helpful along the way.

These are some essential gems I’ve learned the hard way in completing over 20 vending events in 2019!

Inspired by fellow boss queens: Mena Darré, BossyThingz.com, check out her 5 Tips On How To Prepare For A Vendor Event & Winnie Caldwell, BookedEnterprise.com.

Don’t hesitate to ask the vendor next to you for help, if possible.

Take care of yourself, prepare ahead, and remember to keep shining!

What are some tips you would recommend?

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