wellness begins with how we treat, speak, & celebrate ourselves

The launch of Shine In All Shades in November 2018 has highlighted the demand and yearning for increased representation and mindfulness in the St. Louis community and beyond.

Through our carefully crafted pop-up events, adult coloring sessions, and workshops that empower young individuals, we strive to shed light on our unique stories, cultural heritage, and the significance of taking care of oneself. As we continue to expand our reach, we are thrilled to collaborate with the Dorill Initiative, an Arts Non-Profit organization located in New York, as Summer Program Partners.

We have witnessed significant growth alongside our supporters and community partners, and we are grateful for their continuous support.

Valeria Rodriguez is a first-generation Dominican artist from sunny Miami, Florida, who has mastered turning life's triumphs and challenges into beautiful works of art. Through painting, digital illustrations, and other forms of creative expression, Valeria finds comfort and inspiration in pieces that reflect the beauty and diversity of women throughout the African Diaspora. Valeria created Shine In All Shades to celebrate, heal, and amplify our magic.