wellness begins with how we treat, speak, & celebrate ourselves

Since our November 2018 launch, the St. Louis community and beyond is evidence of the need + desire for more representation and mindfulness.

Our curated pop-up events, adult coloring experiences, and youth empowerment workshops shine a light on our stories, legacy, cultures and our need to make time for self-care. As we've grown we are so happy to be Summer Program Partners with the Dorill Initiative, Arts Non-Profit based in New York.

We've grown with our communities thanks to our amazing supporters and community partners.

Dominican artist, Valeria 'Val' Rodriguez is a graphic designer by trade and an artist at heart. Bringing to life her passion for healing and empowerment through art while celebrating diversity, womanhood, and positivity.

How did you get here... as the author and artist behind Shine In All Shades?

Imposter syndrome forever haunted me to a point where I only used art as a healing tool for depression and hid it from everyone. Slowly I shared pieces... friends noticed my art and hired me for murals and creative work. Intentional pieces fueled me to create with healing, empowerment, and cultural representation in mind.

Switching my vibes from negativity and depression took time and required me to do the work of getting out of my comfort zone (and being ok with being awkwardly me.) Sometimes you just have to ‘just do’ and refuse to stay in the pause of perfection.

This journey is bigger than me and it's a pleasure to create empowering art that represents and intentionally celebrates women of all shades!